Hospital Furniture Manufacturers

Hospitalmaker is specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality hospitals furnitures, hospital beds, hospital beds accessories, patient trolleys, bedside cabinets, overbed tables, examination couches, and much more.

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Hospital Bed
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hospital beds
Hospital Bed's Accessories
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hospital furniture
Patient Transfer System
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hospital design
Ward O.T. Equipment
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hospital furniture supplier
Examination Couches
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complete hospital turnkey service provider
Gynaec Couches
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fowler beds
Delivery Beds
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O.T. Table
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fully automatic hospital beds
Biomedical Waste Bins
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Hospital Services

We provide services for designing hospital interiors and manufacturing hospital furniture from start to finish. This includes hospital beds, accessories, and a complete setup for hospitals, all of which we take on as full projects. We ensure the entire process is executed smoothly, from design to build.

electric hospital beds
Full Hospital interior

Hospital furniture along with other Hospital equipment play significant part to play in medical services..

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Specialty hospital beds manufacturer
ICU Room

ICU is exceptionally determined and refined space of a hospital which is explicitly planned, staffed, found, outfitted and prepared.

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ward room designer
Ward Room

Building or rebuilding a hospital or a healthcare establishment requires meeting restrictive regulatory..

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surgery room interior designer
Surgery Room

Designing of an operation theatre complex is a major exercise and is mainly intended to benefit the patient.

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pharmacy room turnkey projects
Pharmacy Room

When you want to decor a pharmacy or looking for display furniture for your medical store, the first thing is to accomplish a pharmacy design.

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maternity ward room services
Maternity ward Room

Maternity Hospital Design Architecture Planning – Right panning can assist this with wondering dominate

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dispensary room services
Dispensary Room

Patient beds needs to be planned according to the necessity of comfort, usefulness, and requirement.

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opertion theater builder

An Operation Theater (OT) is the "heart" of any Hospital. A working theater or a medical procedure

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emergency room service
Emergency Room

Emergency clinics supplies are the most fundamentals which not exclusively is simply purchasing,

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About US

The parent organization Chameza Group was founded in year 2014 with the vision of providing the best quality product and supply solution. We proudly provide 360-degree solution from Designing, Manufacturing to Installation. Chameza is 35 years old centre organization from where everything began. With blend of top innovation, excellent materials and plan specialists, Chameza offers its clients driven arrangements in the entirety of our items. Healthcare needs constant innovations in Planning & Design to meet the challenges of ‘Improving Affordability by Reducing Costs, Improving Outcomes and Increasing Patient Satisfaction.
We help in designing and establishing your Healthcare Facility to be very Safe for the Patients, their Relatives and the Hospital Staff, Efficient by being Lean & Smart, Environment & Patient Friendly and in Compliance with the Community, meeting all Statutory Requirements, Rules and Regulations. Our team of quality professionals, Healthcare Consultation, Hospital Architects, Facility Planning & Designing will ensure that every area of your Hospital will meet the requirements of Good Healthcare Practices & Accreditation. Modern hospitals are huge complexes with many departments, scientific and practical centres, with an abundance of corridors, passages, elevators and entrances which is designed and created by Hospital Maker. When developing a hospital project, it is necessary to think about the use of light, colour, materials, taking into account hygiene standards and choosing the extraordinary material for the durability vishalseelproducts.
For creating a perfect hospital one requires knowledge in a wide variety of areas of activity and the corresponding design experience and so Hospital Marker becomes your one stop solution. We centre around quality and providing excellence service for your best performance. We believe in growing professionally and do meaningful work. We trust in providing the high quality products and providing the best service as we believe in health and wellbeing of the people. Our service will speak the value we have created with excellence quality. .
We understand you want to provide security to your patients and staff, which should be higher standard and so the right planning can help this. So Thinking of designing a Hospital? Hospital Maker is solution.